Nandan Pahar

Nandan Pahar is an entertainment park for Children. In Nandan Pahar, For entertainment for children there is a Ghost house, a mirror house and boating facility. Tourist can see here a beautiful view of Sunrise and Sunset. On the Hill, You can see the statue / idols of Lord Shiva, Godess Parvati, Lord Ganesh and Lord Kartik. Nandan Pahar is famous for a big Nandi Temple. According to beliefs, When The King Ravan try to enter Shavadham then Nandi obstructed him. At that time Ravan become angry and threw him. Nandi fell here and from that time this hill is known as Nandi Pahar.
How to reach:-
The nearest railway station is Baidynath Dham Railway Station. Private/State buses, taxis are available to reach Nandan Pahar. Nandan Pahar is 3 Kms far from Baidynath Dham Railway Station.

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