Tuti Or Tooti Jharna Temple

There is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva of Ramgarh District in the state of Jharkhand. The temple is also known as Tooti Jharna. There is a LINGAM of Lord Shiva. Here Godess Ganga (self) do the Jal Abhishek to Lord Shiva always 24 hours. The discussion of the tooti Jharna is in mythology. There is a statue of Godess Ganga above Lingam. Here, Two handpumps are surrounded by mysteries. Every time from both handpumps flows water.

Sita Fall

It is known for the beauty of Sita Devi of famous Hindu epic Ramayana. The beauty of Sita falls is fabulous. Sita Falls is a place where water flows over a vertical drop in the course of a stream. People like to celebrate picnic and for taking bath over Sita Falls.


Rajrappa is situated 28 Kms far from the confluence of river Bhairavi and Damodar in Ramgarh. Rajrappa is also known as Chinnamastika Temple. The discussion of this temple is in Vedas and Puranas and it is an ancient source of Power. Devotees come here from different corners of Jharkhand for praying. Rajrappa is the one of the biggest coal-fields in the region. Maa Kali Temple is in forest area at Ramgarh. On the full Moon and New Moon nights devotees come here in a large number.

Gurudawara Singh Sabha

Gurudawara Singh Sabha is inaugurated by the Sikh Community in 1940. Gurudawara Singh Sabha is attraction for its great minarets and tomb. According to Sikh faith, Gurudwara is a particular place for congregational worship. The Gurdwaras are open for all communities and castes. In the house of the Lord, all people are equal.